Friday, July 4, 2014

You Are Safe With Me

To my dear are safe with me.

I heard little feet make their way down the stairs.
The thunder cracked again, the rain poured, staccato on the tin chimney.
The soft sounds quickened as you hastened your little legs toward me on the couch.

You are safe with me

My iPad is gently put aside as I turn to see which child has invaded my space
You clutch dippy to your chin, drawing comfort
My arms open and your rush right in

You are safe with me

A warm and strong hug lifts you to my lap, you recline...comforted, safe
The thunder cracks again, rumbling its anger, so scary to a child of 5
You hold tighter, I whisper love into your ear

You are safe with me

A whisper, a kiss, a hug, 
I chase the angry thunder away
My whispers make you brave and we head back to bed
I lie down beside you, more whispers, kisses, and hugs
Be brave, I say, you present your case for me to stay
I cannot stay, I know you are brave, you are my daughter

You are safe with me
I will be here to protect you
I will wrap you in my arms and shield you
I will hold you tight and bask in the warmth of your love
I will be brave for you
I will be here when you need me and when you don't

The thunder has gone, your eyes droop close
I told you dear Eva, you are safe with me.


Rhy said...

So beautiful. Your girls are so very lucky to be fiercely loved by parents who support and treasure them while teaching them to have faith in their own strength.

Anonymous said...

Beyond wonderful.