Sunday, June 15, 2014

Reflecting on My Father's Day

This morning I was helping a friend grout her and her husband's new mosaic tile kitchen backsplash. The week before I had set the tile for them. I joked with her today, as she played my assistant, that I was more handy and butch than all my straight friends…and their husbands! This brought me to I reflect on what it is to be a father, and remember my own father who was the consummate handyman. While he may be gone now, what he passed down to me and my siblings lives on. 

It is this part, the part where what you teach your children lives on for them to remember you, that, in my opinion, is the most important part of being a father. I fully intend to teach both my daughters as much as I can about everything I can. My father taught me how to build things, how to be a handyman, how to have patience, how to have strength, how to seek help when it's needed, how to get lost and not panic…he did pass on to me his unfortunate inability to navigate! Thankfully Mike B. can teach our girls how to navigate, but I'll teach them how to not panic just in case.

As I prepared to get into bed, I pulled a rather cheerful green and yellow octopus sticker from our comforter, removed pooh bear from the bed and placed him on the bench at the end of our bed for Rose to find, picked up a little pink sock and put it in the hamper, removed a pink bracelet from my pillow (one of MANY bracelets Eva just loves to wear) and put it on my nightstand, eventually I finally grab my laptop and get into bed and smile at how all these little things make me smile. How all these little things remind me that I too am a father. Something I never thought would actually ever happen. 

On this Father's day, I am once again grateful to all that has happened and to all that have helped to make these little moments just a normal part of my, and Mike B's, everyday lives.

To all those fathers out there, happy father's day. 


Rhy said...

Beautifully written! One of the things I love most about being a parent is the fact that I teach the children things and they teach me just as much.

Anonymous said...

Thank you both for being such wonderful loving fathers... showing the world so much about parenting. And thank you also for sharing your daughters ... miracles of love and joy.
Old Ca grmother

Anonymous said...

And I am thankful that all three of my sons are very good fathers. They learned so much from their father who was an excellent father.