Friday, June 27, 2014

All Hail Queen Rose

This afternoon, when I went to pick up the girls from daycare, miss Rose handed me her towel and decried…"I command you to hold my towel!" bemused I looked at her, the teachers watching to see what I would say.

"Excuse me…do I look like one of your royal subjects?" I replied


And she walked out the door leaving me with her towel.

Eva looked at me knowingly, pointed to her towel on the floor and said…"Come on Baba, let's go!"

hmmmm….so how much does military school cost theses days?

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Anonymous said...

Princesses have to work extra hard at always saying Please, Thank you, doing well at all school jobs and taking extra good care of their helpers. Real Princesses set good examples for all around them. SOME people think being a Princess is easy peasy... but real Princesses have MORE not less work and obligations. At least that is what I say to the princess wantabes I know.......
Love your girls!