Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas POW!

Last evening, as I sat on the couch, very much in pain, I was reminded again about the frailty of our existence and how the mere act of putting on a sock can bring you to the brink of tears. A wool/cotton blend comfy cozy beige sock, designed for the sole purpose to keep tootsies and feet warm. Not once did I think this beloved garment of mine that brings me so much comfort during cold Winter days and nights could, like a jealous lover in a rage, turn on me and cause such pain!

Now of course it wasn't fully the sock's fault. It merely suffered the wrath of my cursing. Nay, in truth, the sock was merely an accessory to the unpleasant outcome and rather, my over zealous nature to work off 2 weeks of holiday grazing was the true culprit. I over taxed myself and my back Friday in a gym class, and Saturday morning, as I attempted to don my little foot slices of Heaven, I wiggle waggled the wrong way and POW! I lay on the bed moaning in pain sending my little ones, who came in to see why Baba was using bad words, to get Daddy and drugs.

Daddy fetched Alleve and drew a steaming hot batch for me. He then helped me get in the bath. As he helped me undress and get out of bed and in the tub, my mind flashed back to when my father last came to visit us and I was called downstairs by my mother to assist him in getting dressed. The memory was bittersweet, I smiled at remembering my father, and knew at that moment how helpless he felt. Thus my mortality came into focus clearly in 1080HD with the memory of my father. No longer can I ignore the march of time and the inevitability of my existence that I generally keep at bay through fuzzy focus, drink, and self-denial. I need to remind myself that as I get older, the big 50 looming too close for comfort, I have greater limits then when I was much younger. I want to be around for a long time without having my girls shouldering the burden of pushing me around in a wheel chair whilst listening to me curse at socks like a mad man who probably belongs in a looney bin. For that matter, I'd rather not have my husband have to be my caretaker either. As much as I love him, he sucks at being a nurse and I'm just not a pleasant patient either.

With Christmas passed and just a few more days until we ring in the new year, I can reflect and recover. Thankfully Granny took the kids this weekend so I could convalesce in peace. They were both so sweet and concerned about me. Rose made me lean forward so she could rub my back, Eva kept trying to help me up and offered her arm as support as I hobbled to the bathroom. The top of her head was much more useful as it was cane height. Alas, helping injured Baba pales in comparison to a night at Granny's where they will stay up late and eat junk. 
That's what granny's are for. This weekend especially, Granny and Auntie promised to take them to their first movie in a real movie theatre. They were going to see Disney's latest animated release, Frost. To say they were excited was putting it lightly. Think cute little chipmunks…on crack. When Granny showed up at the door, they practically exploded out the door leaving nothing but dust and the remnants of their laughter to settle and echo in the foyer.

As they were shepherded off, their faces glowing with excitement, my pain went away for a moment to be replaced by the love that consumes me every time I see them smile. While keeping my waistline to a slim 30 is important, I need to remind myself that so is enjoying my time with my girls and my husband. Convalescing on the couch and watching life go by just will not do. Besides, as they grow older, I'll need to run faster to keep up with them and I can't do that with a bum back. Not to mention, how can I possibly scare off would-be suitors if I hobble around looking like a crippled hobbit? I will heal, it will take time, plastic surgery will make sure I never look like an old hobbit.

I know that I have been very bad at blogging this year. I admire those bloggers that can keep it up and wonder where they find the time. As a working parent, I admire any parent that can find the time to do anything other than take care of their children. It is a balancing act and we are slowly finding the balance. Yet the balance is tenuous and with each growth spurt, each new year, something new is thrown into the mix that makes us have to rebalance. I suppose this uncertainty and ambiguity in life is what makes life worth living. It is an adventure, sometimes large, often small, almost always unpredictable. I would be dishonest if I did not say that those things that are predictable bring a certain comfort to myself and Mike B.

I shall make no resolutions this year. Resolutions are too easily broken as they are often too lofty. Rather, I'll just say to myself that I will endeavor to be a better father, a better blogger, and more routine with my fitness schedule so as to avoid visiting the Scooter store prematurely. 

To all of you out there from our family to yours, we hope you had bright Holidays and here's to a new year and the new adventures it will bring. Oh, and a few photos of our Christmas.

Christmas Eve this year was at our house. 
The girls all dressed up before the guests arrive.

 Eva happily ripping into presents Christmas morning.

 Rose donning the latest in Christmas morning fashions
thanks to Santa. I think she was trying to make an accessory
with the bow to add to her ensemble.

The aftermath and a Merry Christmas was had by
all…and the dog didn't eat the bows or the wrapping
which was it's own Christmas miracle!


Delhi Dreamers said...

The girls are getting sooo grown up!!! My God it is so hard to believe these are the little munchkins that came home from Mumbai with you :)
Wishing you a speedy recovery with your back and all the best to you all for 2014!!!!
Best wishes xxx

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. And for proving that your adorable girls are only growing more beautiful with time. I hope you can post more in this new year...but your husband and daughters must come first I know.
Much appreciation for the joy you bring me ... especially when life has unpleasant bumps for me. I look at your angels and smile.
Joy and health to you all....
old ca grandmother

Jane said...

Dear Mike,
I am so sorry you have gone through such back agony. Mike B. and I can feel your pain but at least you know how to avoid being over zealous to lose inches after your next goody time splurge!
My pneumonia was yet one more chance to remind me also that kids and young adults bounce back so much quicker and it was another chance for my doctor to say, " Yes, the pneumonia shot did help you or you may have died. Tell Granny and Aunty I envy their close relationship with the girls. The time I've been denied will never be able to be made up, for as you know they grow up too quickly and around 6th or 7th grade that glorious innocent excitement and pure enchantment changes. Your pictures are gorgeous and I love the one of the "good old never to return again days when presents were strewn everywhere in my house. I've told you repeatedly how thankful I am for you sharing your creativity and make your blog posts so incredibly enjoyable.
Good health; happiness and fun times and memories in 2014 are what I truly wish for tour beautiful family.