Friday, April 22, 2011

Stupid Damn Thing!

Do you know what happens when you have a two-year-old that has begun to actually talk? They turn into a parrot and repeat everything you say. Daddy, while acknowledging he needs to curb his language, in the back of his head probably thought he could get away with the occasional sailor-like talk for at least another year. Uhm, yeah...maybe not.

While Daddy was downstairs waiting for Baba and entertaining the girls before we packed them up to go to the dealership to drop off the van for maintenance and then the park, he experienced first hand the exceptional parroting skills of our daughter Rose. It seems Rose picked up my computer mouse, and seeing no results from her waving or moving of the device (the computer was off), declared...

Stupid damn thing!

Daddy's jaw dropped and his cheeks reddened as the chagrin set-in cause he knew EXACTLY where she picked that up from! So when Baba finally made it downstairs, he said..."Do you know what our daughter just said?!" Upon my negative response, he shared the story. It was at this time that I said..."told you."

The parroting has begun full force and we must now be ever diligent as to what we say cause you never know when they are going to decide to let loose a phrase that was not meant for the general public, or in-laws for that matter, to be heard!

On a completely Different Topic - Please note we have removed ourselves from the Contest
I got an e-mail this evening that declared we are up for top 25 LGBT blogs on Circle of Moms. Hmmm...never heard of them so I went and investigated. Well I guess they're a real site, so what the heck, I have put their badge on our blog and encourage you all to vote for us.

I don't believe we get anything short of getting to parrot the infamous Oscar clip..."You like really like me!" Although in this case, I guess "us." Hay, maybe we'll grow exponentially in popularity and we'll get a movie deal? Probably not, but it's a lovely Pink badge don't you think?

Before I sign-off, some videos.

Since we have gotten our new jobs, we also had to get smart phones, which of course for us meant iPhones. The thing takes great video and is so much easier than lugging around a video camera! The first vid is from our time visiting our good friends and Rose's Godparents in Somerville. The second video is hysterical as it shows Rose being mesmerized by a singing and eye-rolling stuffed toy Raccoon at our Neighbors house. She collects Raccoons and stuffed dancing toys. Enjoy and don't forget to vote for us!




Amani (Meg) said...

The darling little girls!!! I've already starting washing out Bob's mouth with vinegar.

Mark said...

My future daughters-in-law are so cute. But I was really hoping for a video of Rose cursing. That would have been a hoot!
Whenever my kids would come out with the occasional curse word, I would get on the phone and say, "guess what you taught them now, Mom?"
Alright, I'm on that contest list too. I think I'll compete but I'd rather not know anyone on the list. Why can't someone just give me an award because they like my Blog? Do you get what I'm saying?
Your Friend, m.

caki said...

Could be worse, your niece knows how to swear in two languages.....